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Un Día En Español Podcast

Un Día En Español 23: A New Life Over The Atlantic

Michelle takes a big leap of faith by migrating across the world. Will she learn to adjust in the face of adversity?
un día en español girl contemplating by the water

Un Día En Español 22: Death Was Not A Beach

Silvia recounts a story of facing her own mortality at a young age — and the solace found in a familiar staple of her childhood.
man running on beach un día en español

Un Día En Español 21: A True Spartan

Ángel Raúl, no stranger to tests of athleticism, embarks on one of the biggest physical challenges of his life.
cowboy on horse un día en español

Un Día En Español 20: The Legend Of Juan Noj

Lionel recounts a cherished memory of spending quality time with his dad. But it turns out they’re not the only characters in their story…
un día en español my friend chelo coffee date

Un Día En Español 19: My Friend Chelo

An Italian teacher in Mexico City learns that sometimes the most special friendships can take many different forms.
un día en español plane taking off

Un Día En Español 18: Love In The Time Of Corona

Minette grapples with the realities of relationships while Covid-19 travel restrictions make things more complicated.
hands cutting grapes at vineyard

Un Día En Español 17: A Tour Of The Senses

A Spanish vineyard tour led by a local is full of sensory surprises for one American family.
scared girl

Un Día En Español 16: A Paranormal Pajama Party

Sofía’s fun-filled sleepover with her friends takes a spooky turn.
festivities in canals of xochimilco

Un Día En Español 15: The Day El Sabino Fell

Ignacio’s 30th birthday celebration plans in Mexico City get unexpectedly uprooted.
un día en español thunderstorm hike in costa rica

Un Día En Español 14: A Tormentous Hike

In this first episode of the new season of our podcast for Spanish beginners, Gissell describes a beautiful Costa Rican hike that doesn’t turn out to be as relaxing as expected.
Natasha Lyonne works on a scene for Orange is the New Black

Un Día En Español 13: Landing My TV Dream Job

In the final episode of season one, Daniela is determined to join the crew of a hit TV show.
People dancing at party

Un Día En Español 12: Salsa Dancing Date In Brooklyn

In this episode, Francisco goes on a first date to a salsa party. Only problem: he can’t dance.
A monkey in the rainforests of Peru

Un Día En Español 11: Journey To Monkey Island

In this episode, Karina’s trip to a wildlife refuge in the Amazon turns into a harrowing misadventure.
empanadas on a wooden tray

Un Día En Español 10: The Great Empanada Bake Off

In this episode of our beginner Spanish podcast, Tomás and his friends are desperate to raise money for a school trip.