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Hollywood remakes represented by the Hollywood sign taken from a distance at sunset, framed by two rows of palm trees.

7 Non-English Films Better Than Their Hollywood Remakes

The original isn’t necessarily always better, but in a lot of cases it’s worth watching.
The Academy Award for Best International Feature Film represented by a still from Drive My Car.

A Brief History Of The Academy Award For Best International Feature Film

For Your Consideration: A look at the weird history of the Best International Film category at the Oscars.
The best movies to learn Italian | Babbel

The 8 Best Films For Learning Italian

Lucky for you, Italian cinema is one of the best ways to supplement your language learning.
The best Swedish movies to learn Swedish | Babbel

The 6 Best Films To Learn Swedish

In search of some Swedish movies to help you learn Swedish? Look no further.

The 7 Best Films For Learning Russian

Here are seven amazing Russian movies for beginner and intermediate language learners.
The best Turkish movies for learning Turkish | Babbel

The 8 Best Films For Learning Turkish

Turkish movies are an excellent way to supplement your usual language learning.
French movies represented by the reproduced image of a VHS tape on top of a light pink background.

The 9 Best Films To Learn French

Are you looking for the best movies to learn French with?
Spanish movies represented by a photo of a VHS tape on a yellow background.

6 Films To Help You Learn Spanish

Combine your Spanish learning with your love of film.
A couple sitting on a couch and watching something on their laptop. They're both laughing and the man is looking at the woman.

12 Romantic Movies From Around The World For Valentine’s Day

Love is universal, so why only watch romantic movies in English?
Holiday movies represented a photo of a group of friends sitting outside, watching a movie on a projector

Which Holiday Movie From Around The World Should You Watch This Year?

Whether you want to practice a language or just want to see every holiday film ever made, here are five movies that are perfect for December.
Drei Frauen auf einer Couch mit Popcorn zum Thema Sprache lernen mit Filmen

How To Use Movies To Learn A Language

Netflix and chill? More like ‘Netflix and drill…your vocab.’
Flying VHS tapes representing Indonesian movies

The 7 Best Films For Learning Indonesian

With romcoms, dramas, comedies and more, you have lots of options for watching movies in Indonesian.
Flying VHS tapes representing movies in Norwegian

The 8 Best Films For Learning Norwegian

Take a break from studying with one of these excellent Norwegian movies.
Flying VHS tapes representing Polish movies

The 7 Best Films For Learning Polish

Whether you’re looking for cutting satire or heart-breaking drama, we have a Polish movie for you.