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Natali Lekka - Babbel Magazine

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Natali Lekka

Natali is originally from Athens, Greece and now works as a freelance writer and Greek translator in the UK. Follow her on Twitter.

Articles by Natali

11 Wonderful Summer Words From Around The World

These terms capture feelings and concepts that have no equivalent word in English.

The Art Of Swearing In Spanish

Swearing is a great way to learn a foreign language and even achieve fluency. If you ever wanted to swear like a Spanish master, I’ve got you covered with this mini-guide to Spanish swearing.

5 Hybrid Languages That Transcend Borders

What are interlanguages and why are they so fascinating? Interlanguages open up a whole new world of communication, cultural identity and trade.

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‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than with 10 wonderful Christmas traditions in different languages?

10 Beautiful Spring Words From Around The World

Spring has sprung, so let’s celebrate the end of winter with 10 beautiful spring words from around the world.

21 English Words That Are Actually Greek (And The Stories Behind Them)

Even if you’ve never taken a single lesson, you kind of already speak Greek.

Is Turkish The Most Romantic Language?

Forget French or Italian. Find out why Turkish could be the world’s most romantic language.

10 Wonderful Fall Words From Around The World

Put the kettle on, get cozy and embrace the autumn season with 10 fall words from around the world!

7 Words And Expressions About The Moon From Around The World

We can’t think any better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing than with 7 moon words and phrases from around the globe.