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How To Say 'Please' And 'Thank You' In 10 Languages

Being polite is key to making friends, not enemies. Here's how to mind your manners in 10 foreign languages.

Didn’t your mother teach you to mind your manners? When you’re speaking to someone in another language, it can be more difficult to convey ideas. It’s crucial to be extra polite so nothing gets taken the wrong way. That’s why we’ve created this guide for saying “please” and “thank you” in 10 different languages. You’re welcome.

1. Spanish

Please: Por favor
Thank you: Gracias

2. French

Please: S’il vous/te plaît (formal/informal)
Thank you: Merci

3. German

Please: Bitte
Thank you: Danke

4. Italian

Please: Per favore
Thank you: Grazie

5. Portuguese

Please: Por favor
Thank you: Obrigado/a

6. Chinese

Please: Qǐng
Thank you: Xièxie nǐ

7. Arabic

Please: Min fádlak (to a man), Min fádlik (to a woman)
Thank you: Shukran

8. Russian

Please: Pazhalsta
Thank you: Spaseeba

9. Japanese

Please: Onegaishimasu
Thank you: Arigatou

10. Swedish

Please: Tack
Thank you: Tack (yes, really)

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