How To Say ‘I’m Sorry’ In 10 Languages

Is it too late now to say sorry? No, it’s not. Here’s how to apologize in 10 foreign languages.
How To Say ‘I’m Sorry’ In 10 Languages

Often the best way to end a fight is to admit you were wrong and apologize. If apologizing in English doesn’t work, or if you’re abroad, try saying “I’m sorry” in one of these languages. It could make a world of difference.

1. Spanish: Lo siento

2. French: Je suis désolé

3. German: Es tut mir leid

4. Italian: Mi dispiace

5. Portuguese: Sinto muito

6. Russian: извините (iz-vee-NEE-tye)

7. Indonesian: Maaf

8. Swedish: Förlåt

9. Mandarin Chinese: 对不起 (duì bu qǐ)

10. Arabic: أنا آسِف (anā āsif)

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