How To Say ‘Yes’ And ‘No’ In 10 Languages

You say yes, I say no, and other languages use completely different words in response to questions.
A woman being proposed to and presumably saying yes

One of the first things you should learn when starting a new language is how to say yes and no. They’re two simple words that you’re going to need to use quite a bit. It may seem like a simple thing, but learning these phrases across as many languages as possible is probably a pretty good idea. You never know when you’ll run into a situation where one of these simple terms can help a great deal — where you’ll want to say yes to an opportunity that comes your way or to practice turning down those you can’t manage.

Here’s a guide to “yes” and “no” across 10 different languages. Click the play button to hear how they’re pronounced, as well!

How To Say Yes And No Around The World

‘Yes’ In 10 Languages



French — Oui

Italian — Si

Portuguese — Sim

Swedish — Ja

Turkish — Evet

Polish — Tak


Russian — да (Da)

‘No’ In 10 Languages



French — Non

Italian — No

Portuguese — Não

Swedish — Nej

Turkish — Hayır

Polish — Nie

Indonesian — Tidak

Russian — нет (Nyet)

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