Naming The Parts Of The Body In Polish

From your głowa down to your toe, the parts of the body are important to know.
hands kneading a ball of dough polish body parts

One of the most seemingly daunting things about learning Polish is getting a grip on the pronunciation. But then you spend some time with it, and it actually turns out that Polish is pronounced exactly as it’s written! So it’s already less complicated than you thought it was. Learning to correctly name the Polish body parts also probably won’t be quite as hard as you think it is. Truly, the trickiest thing about it is understanding that there’s no word for “arm” in Polish — there’s actually a different word for forearm and upper arm!

Knowing your Polish body parts vocab can help you articulate pains, injuries, tattoo placements, and a host of metaphors involving the human anatomy.

Here’s a list of basic terms to start with. To listen to how these words are voiced by a native speaker, just hit the play button.

Polish Body Parts Vocabulary

part of the body — część ciała

body — ciało

foot — stopa

hand/arm — ręka

upper arm/shoulder* — ramię

head — głowa

eyes — oczy

face — twarz

leg — noga

mouth — buzia

nose — nos

knee — kolano

ear — ucho

tooth — ząb

neck — szyja

back — plecy

stomach — brzuch

*In Polish, there is no word for “arm.” The part from the elbow up to the shoulder is called ramię, while the forearm is called przedramię.

Sentences Involving Anatomy

I have a headache. — Boli mnie głowa.

He broke his leg. — Złamał sobie nogę.

I feel sick and my stomach hurts. — Mam mdłości i żołądek mnie boli.

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