How To Talk About Feelings In Polish

Talking about your emotions in English is tough enough already. In Polish? It’s a whole new challenge.
A woman smiling on her balcony with a look out over a snowy city, showing feelings in Polish

Feeling sad? Mad? Maybe just hungry? You shouldn’t have to suffer alone! Figuring out how to convey your feelings in Polish, or really in any language, is an important task. After all, language is about human connection, and there’s no more vital part of human connection than being to express how you’re feeling at any given moment. If you can’t do that, you’ll feel alone even in the most crowded of rooms.

To get you started, we collected a list of vocab needed for talking about your feelings in Polish. (Just note, we can only give you the vocab, not teach you how to face your own feelings.) Polish pronunciation is notoriously difficult, so be sure to click the play button next to each of the words to hear them pronounced by a native speaker.

Polish Emotions And Feelings Vocab

Polish Emotion Words

emotion — emocja

mood — humor

happy — szczęśliwy

sad — smutny

excited — zachwycony

joy — radość

love — miłość

hate — nienawiść

angry — wściekły

to feel — czuć się (imperf.), poczuć się  (perf.)

feeling — uczucie

hope — nadzieja

depressed — zrozpaczony

sympathy — współczucie

lonely — samotny

satisfied — zadowolony

proud — dumny

disappointed — zawiedziony

upset — zdenerwowany

to get over — przeboleć (perf.)

Polish Sensation Words

sensation — odczucie

pleasure — przyjemność

hunger — głód

thirst — pragnienie

pain — ból

surprise — niespodzianka

nervous — spięty

tired — zmęczony

fear — strach

to get bored — nudzić się (imperf.), znudzić się (perf.)

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