On the Road to Gender Parity

Jana Rekittke from the Engineering gave us a recap of the EWIT16* conference she attended, presenting some topics and ideas. Enjoy reading the summary of her talk!
Norms, expectation, society

Tech workplaces tend to be often typically male dominated. Women might find a “Brogrammer” culture in which they may feel out of place, uncomfortable, or less valued. An unappealing workplace could also be a reason for women to not consider it in the first place. Yet, changes in the workplace tend to only happen when more women start working there. So the question is: How do we achieve gender parity? And do we actually want that? Does it make sense for a company? Quite probably so: a mixed workplace (think of “not only white middle aged male”) will give the company access to a more diverse pool of ideas. If everyone who makes decisions has the same background, similar ideas and opinions, how can a company/country/… evolve and adapt to ever-changing requirements?

How about women in leadership? Do we need more women in middle/upper management and on company boards? Several studies (see links below) indicate that companies with women in upper management and on boards are more successful than their male-run counterparts by achieving greater productivity, creativity, and profitability. However, companies founded by women receive less funding. Which is odd considering that a company run by a woman is more likely to succeed than a company run by a man.

Women in Tech

Sadly, the percentage of companies that have women in upper management is around 70% (big companies, first world), and the percentage of women vs. men in management positions of these companies lies between 0 and 30%. The percentage of women in tech teams is just as low. We are therefore far from parity – and those who say that feminism or gender studies are outdated and not needed should reconsider their position. There is obviously still work to be done.

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