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Eleanor Tremeer
Eleanor Tremeer is a freelance writer who spends their time bouncing between their native UK and Germany. (Berlin, I wish I knew how to quit you.) They have been featured in prestigious publications such as Empire, Gizmodo, and their mother's fridge. Although they once worked as a TEFL teacher, and lived in Berlin for three years, Eleanor embarrassingly knows no other languages — unless you count emoji speech.
Articles by Eleanor

Is It Cultural Appropriation To Use Drag Slang And AAVE?

Sure, you want to describe your new ‘bae’ as ‘woke’ and your last weekend as ‘lit,’ but where do these words come from? (And should you be using them at all?)

Rediscovering Polari: How This Gay Dialect Is A Map Of Forgotten Subcultures

While Polari was a secret language for gay men, it was originally created out of a multitude of subculture dialects.

Rediscovering Polari: How This Secret Gay Language Helped Create LGBT Culture

The culture of Polari didn’t die when this secret language did. In fact, we can thank Polari for much of queer culture today.

Rediscovering Polari: What Is Polari And Why Did It Die Out?

What is Polari, where did it come from, and why did it become a dead language? We investigate.

The Eerie Origins of Halloween

It all started with a pagan holiday.

Why Are We Resistant To Gender-Neutral Language?

Gender-neutral language has been gaining popularity over the past few years, but why is it so hard to change the way we speak?

Reverse The Polarity! What Is Technobabble And Why Do We Use It?

If you watch Science Fiction, you’ve inevitably encountered technobabble. Here’s what it is and why we use it in storytelling.

Are Emojis The New Hieroglyphs? A Brief History Of Emojis And Their Purpose

Nearly 90% of online users use emojis to supplement their speech — but what does this mean for the future of language? Let’s investigate what linguistic purpose emojis serve.