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Jana Rekittke - Babbel Magazine

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Jana Rekittke

Jana is part of the team that builds the Babbel lesson player. The lesson player displays the learning content and the games that help you learn a language.

Articles by Jana

Juggling multiple build stages and test environments with TravisCI

We share our TravisCI setup here on Babbel Bytes in the hope that some of you find it helpful for your own applications.

Introduction to Test Automation

I’ll give a short introduction to test automation here, so if you’re a test automation engineer, what I’ll be covering is probably not new to you. If, however, you’re new to the topic, read on!

On the Road to Gender Parity

Jana Rekittke from the Engineering gave us a recap of the EWIT16* conference she attended, presenting some topics and ideas. Enjoy reading the summary of her talk!