New York, Rio, Rome…? The language learner’s dream destination revealed

Babbel asks our users which cities they were planning on visiting in the summer.

Summer is upon us, and there’s no better way to spend a hot afternoon in the office than daydreaming about where we’d rather be. There’s no time for that here at Babbel HQ of course, so we decided to ask our users which city destinations have got them staring into space this year. More than 3,000 of you responded, and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve counted the votes, crunched the numbers, and determined your number one…

All roads lead to Rome

The Italian capital – with its spectacular architecture, Mediterranean sunshine and world-renowned street cuisine – is your top destination for 2015. It seems 13.5% of you would rather be there than anywhere else, and we don’t blame you one bit! It can hardly come as a surprise, then, that the majority of you ranked an interest in local culture as the most important factor when deciding where to spend your vacation.
The top five is rounded out by New York, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona and San Francisco. The Romans themselves seem to favor the rest of the world’s second choice, with nearly one in five Italian respondents picking the Big Apple as their dream destination.

Two countries divided by a common language

The Brits and the Americans, despite sharing a mother tongue, haven’t always seen eye-to-eye. The transatlantic tradition of disagreement continues here: While Britain sides with much of Europe in naming Rome as its dream holiday, the Americans would prefer to vacation in Paris. Interestingly enough, New York proved to be the destination of choice among French respondents.

Local lingo

Of course, when we ask Babbel users for their opinion, we know we’re asking a group of linguaphiles. So it’s reassuring to see that 93% of you think it’s important to learn at least a little bit of the local language before your vacation. And for those that haven’t done so already, now is the perfect time to check out our vacation courses – they’re available for Italian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and English. The courses are accessible from your course menu under Countries and Traditions.
Perhaps surprisingly, it was our British and American respondents that felt most inclined to get to grips with a new language before jetting off. Knowing that it won’t be too hard to find someone who speaks English doesn’t appear to have dampened their enthusiasm in the slightest.