The Ultimate Guide To Learning Languages With A Private Tutor

With Babbel Live Private Classes or any other kind of private tutor, you have a lot of advantages when you choose one-on-one learning.
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With advances in technology, there are constantly new ways to learn a new language. Maybe you’re streaming television in a different language with subtitles, or interacting with AI-powered chatbots. We’re as excited as anyone for fun, innovative methods to get exposure to a language, but there’s really no replacement for actually speaking to other people. 

Fortunately, technology has also made speaking to other people in a language easier than ever. That’s even truer now because Babbel has introduced Babbel Live Private Classes for anyone learning Spanish, German and English, to complement the existing Babbel Live Group Classes. Not sure what advantages a private language tutor can offer? Here we’ll break down the pros, and offer tips that will help you get the most out of your learning experience.


Babbel Live Private Classes offer the most effective way to learn a new language. Enjoy unlimited online one-on-one sessions with certified language teachers, personalized attention, and flexible scheduling—whenever and wherever you want.

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Take Advantage Of Extreme Flexibility

One of the strongest factors against learning a new language is having a program that fits into your schedule. While Babbel Live Group Classes already offered you classes scheduled around the clock, the Private Classes take this a step even further. Not only can you choose the time of your class, but also you’ll be able to pick the topic covered during each 45-minute session. Even better: Private Classes are unlimited, so with your subscription you can study as much as you want without running into another paywall.

Tip: Make learning a regular habit. We know, we know, we just talked about how great it is that you can learn whenever you want, but forming a habit is essential for getting a handle on learning. Try to choose specific times of the day and days of the week to regularly book your lessons. If you need to stray from your routine because you’re swamped at work or on vacation, you can, but having a schedule to stick to will make you more accountable and ensure you’re progressing.

Personalize Your Learning

If you’ve started learning a language through other means — whether that’s high school language classes, other apps or exposure to the language as a child — you may be unsure where exactly to start off. With Babbel Private Classes, you can book a Placement Class with one of our expert language teachers to test your level and get a recommendation for how to begin learning again. Then, you have your choice of hundreds of lessons — organized by their associated CEFR level — where you can follow our suggested path or craft your own.

Tip: Focus on what matters to you. When you’re just starting out, you’ll probably want to take care of the basics, which are the same for pretty much everyone. Once you’re a little further along, though, you might want to find the modules that fit your motivation best. Are you learning for a vacation? Well, then you might be able to skip the “In The Office” section for now. 

Combine Private Courses With Other Ways To Learn

When you sign up for Babbel Live Private Classes, you also have access to the Babbel self-study app. Even better, the app and classes are aligned so they build off each other. When you sign up for a Live class on a certain topic, there may be suggested in-app courses for you to take beforehand to give you a head start on the topic. And afterward, the vocabulary you learned will automatically be added to Babbel’s Review feature.

Tip: Find other ways to immerse yourself. Of course, we’re not saying you can’t look beyond Babbel for exposure to other languages. Think of your private classes as a strong foundation to build on. Watch TV shows in the language, listen to podcasts, read books aloud and, if possible, find ways to interact with more speakers of the language. You don’t have to move to a different country, but trying to “live” in your language as much as possible will undoubtedly give you a leg up.

Get Really Comfortable Speaking

This may sound a little obvious, but if you want to get comfortable speaking a language, you have to actually practice speaking it. No matter how long you study a language, you won’t magically be able to speak it fluently if all you’ve done so far is read about it. And yes, it’s nerve-wracking to speak a language you’re not used to. The fear of making mistakes can halt you in your tracks. Private classes can take away a lot of that initial anxiety: you’re only speaking to one person, and that one person is trying to help you learn. You’ll still need to start speaking to others someday, but having this experience will make the rest much easier.

Tip: Find a private language tutor you like, and who challenges you. All of our teachers are native-level experts who we’ve worked with to ensure you’re going to get a positive experience, but — as you’ve probably learned from past experience — certain teachers might “click.” Whether that means they’re able to explain concepts in ways you quickly understand or someone you feel confident speaking around, it’s worth trying a few different tutors to start out to find someone who you work well with. Don’t get too set in your ways, though, because working with other tutors once in a while will help you keep your edge in the language.

Get Started Today

There’s a popular proverb that says “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time is right now.” Your language skills — much like trees — grow over time, and the only way you’ll get to where you want to be someday is by planting that first seed today. With that in mind, now’s the time to get started on that journey with a private language tutor.

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