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Your Monthly Nebulous Nomad Forecast: February 2018

Babbel presents monthly horoscopes for travelers, adventurers and the globally curious.
Your Monthly Nebulous Nomad Forecast: February 2018

You can accuse February of a lot of things, but you can’t accuse it of being boring.

This year, we stumble into February still reeling from the dramatic emotional momentum of the lunar eclipse in Leo, which just occurred on Jan. 31. Lunar eclipses bring finality, fruition or sudden endings into the fold, and when Leo steps in to make sure that we’re asking for what we’re worth, ultimatums may ensue — and it’s quite a #mood.

On top of that, February starts out in the thick of Aquarius season, which is all about community and invention, retooling our tired bag of tricks and getting in touch with our weirdness. On Feb. 15, a solar eclipse in Aquarius will draw on the stimulating energy of Mercury and Uranus, providing a mental reset and a bevy of new ideas to work with. If you’re a traveler — or perhaps someone who’d like to travel more in the new year — you might wake up to a range of new possibilities by mid-February, or even an exciting new crew to explore with.

On Feb. 18, the sun moves into Pisces for a month, bringing along a wave of compassion and total identification with others. Under the influence of Pisces, we’re way more likely to see aspects of ourselves reflected in the people we meet, which is great for connecting with people from other cultures. Curious Sagittarius may traditionally be known as the sign of the global traveler, but Pisces is the sign more likely to experience the world as a unified global family.

With a bunch of planets moving into Pisces by the end of the month — including social Venus, who is exalted (or strongest) in this sign — we’ll also see a lot of Neptune action. This dreamy, slow-moving planet has been floating through Pisces since 2011. When other planets enter this sign, they’ll eventually hook up with Neptune, which has a boundary-blurring effect on whatever it touches. Borders and differences can seemingly melt away under this influence, which can be potentially confusing, and certainly inspiring.

What cross-cultural connections will you forge in February? Read on for your monthly cosmopolitan forecast.


Your ruling planet Mars has been in your travel zone since Jan. 26, so even if last month’s eclipse brought a dramatic ending to a romance or a creative project you’ve been nursing for too long, you still have plenty of energy left to jet, set and see the world. Sometimes, the best way to get over something is to skip town for a bit and rearrange your perspective. Knowing you, though, you won’t dwell on anything for longer than you should. Besides, the first half of February will have you pretty focused on a collaborative, team effort, and the solar eclipse on the 15th could bring you a brand new crew to roll with — or perhaps clue you in to a new travel network you were previously unaware of. Radical Uranus has been shaking up your identity for the past several years, and it’ll align with the solar eclipse. This community will most likely speak your language and be a better reflection of the person you’ve become, and with chatty Mercury in this part of your chart hooking up with Mars in your adventure zone on the 3rd, you might receive some news about this development early on in the month. Watch out for potential travel-related confusion on the 17th and do your best to not get too lost inside your own head, or depend too heavily on your usually airtight sense of direction. After the 18th, the sun will be in Pisces, ushering in your annual wind-down season. Even high-energy signs like you need R&R sometimes, and if you’re feeling hard-pressed to move your agenda ahead, listen to your body and just lay low this month. If your home isn’t feeling restorative enough, a relaxing beach vacation could be the perfect cure for your winter blues. Just be on the lookout for any tense vibes coming your way toward the end of the month; people might be in the mood to pick a fight, but more likely, you’re the one creating these fights in your own head.


What sort of domestic plot twists did last month’s lunar eclipse throw your way, Taurus? Assuming you didn’t suddenly sell your home or switch apartments, this lunation may have changed the way you feel about your family or your ancestry, possibly even provoking a trip to your motherland. While a pilgrimage is not the only kind of adventure potentially on the books for you this month, it wouldn’t be a bad idea. If anything, paying attention to family stuff will inevitably help ground you during a month that’s all about career, career, career. You’ll be especially focused on your work life during the first half of February, and the solar eclipse on the 15th could usher in a dazzling new opportunity or title at work — which might help make up for any relationship tension that arises on the 4th on account of your extreme hustling (or tendency to try to please everyone at the top, leaving very little sunshine left over for bae at the end of the day). Hopefully, your job will come with plenty of enticing travel opportunities that won’t bring further distress to your relationships, but you’ll be more inclined to socialize in groups after Venus moves into Pisces on the 10th anyway. If the whole team’s traveling, why not bring your S.O. along? A Venus/Saturn sextile on the same day as the eclipse will help you organize your travel itinerary in a way that makes everyone happy. On the 18th, the sun joins Venus in your teamwork sector, shifting your focus to collaborative efforts and network-building for the next month. It’s super important to you that you find a crew that shares your values of compassion and acceptance, and when your ruling planet Venus meets idealistic Neptune in this part of your chart on the 21st, you’ll be able to intuitively suss out who’s on your wavelength. Just try not to let your rose-colored glasses get in the way, as this combo can have a very romanticizing effect. You might experience conflict within Team Taurus on the 25th, as well as a bit of difficulty seeing things objectively. However, a Sun/Saturn alignment will help you establish healthy boundaries that uphold your own ego identity without unnecessarily shutting out people who don’t necessarily think the way you do — or come from your neck of the woods.


Early February is high travel season for you, Gemini, so if you haven’t had a chance to depart for lands unknown yet, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to squeeze in a last-minute getaway during the first half of the month. Last month’s eclipse may have brought on a sudden denouement or dramatic turning point involving your neighborhood or local scene, so if this has been the case for you, you’re probably dying to skip town. Restless Mercury also recently zipped into the travel sector of your chart on Jan. 31, so your easily distracted spirit is yearning for some movement this month regardless of what’s happening at home, and a Mercury/Mars alignment on the 3rd could very well help you apply some weight to the gas pedal (hint: Mars is in your partnership house, so find a travel buddy if you find your solo plans stalling). Feb. 13 to 15 will be an especially good time to take a trip, especially because the solar eclipse on the 15th will zap you with a new adventure or perspective of some kind, or perhaps motivate you to embark on a new course of study. If you meet this moment head on, you’ll be even more predisposed to understand your educational priorities at the outset of this new chapter in your life. On the 17th, your ruling planet Mercury moves into Pisces for a couple weeks, activating a busy period for your career. With the sun following suit the next day, your focus will be pretty much trained on your work life, so hopefully you had a chance to travel during the first half of the month. It’ll be a good time to move your agenda along, however, especially during the first quarter moon in your sign on the 23rd. Watch out for fuzzy thinking related to your career objectives on the 25th, as well as some possible verbal disagreements on the 28th. This spat can be productive, as long as you focus on real intimacy and being authentic — even if it’s your “brand” that’s hanging in the balance.


You’re always affected by the motions of the moon, Cancer, so how are your sea legs faring now that we’re in the thick of eclipse season? The lunar eclipse on Jan. 31 may have hit you in the wallet with a bit of a fated surprise around your financials. It’s also entirely possible you shed a limiting belief around your value, or cut back on the amount of sheer stuff you own in order to travel lighter in the new year. The curveballs won’t relent this month either, as a solar eclipse on the 15th will hit you in the area of your chart associated with intimacy and shared resources (think joint bank accounts, money you invest in the stock market, money that you owe, taxes or an inheritance of some kind). Just in time for tax season in the states, you’ll be turning a new leaf financially after the late January shakeup. Where in the world will you escape to with that tax return sitting in your pocket? Best to dream of faraway places in broad, visionary strokes during the Pisces moon, which lasts from late Feb. 15 to the morning of the 18th. Aquarius season in general might have you dealing with all sorts of touchy, intimate questions that you might normally avoid, but that can be heavy work, and dreaming of an escape will help lighten your mood when it starts to feel like too much. Once the sun officially enters Pisces on the 18th, you’ll have a whole month to enjoy your annual travel and exploration season, so hopefully you’re in a position to move quickly and act on your ideas from the past couple of days. Venus and Mercury will also be in this part of your chart by then, helping you charm your way through foreign places and connect verbally with the people you meet — as well as make some serious headway on your language studies.


This is probably music to your ears, Leo, but all eyes are on you as we enter February. The lunar eclipse that happened on Jan. 31 was in your sign, which may have created some dramatic movement or turbulence in your life — and potentially even ended one chapter in the book that is you and your ever-evolving identity. Most of the eclipses in 2017 also occurred right on your doorstep, and perhaps that was merely a continuation of this narrative. Either way, you may very well look and feel like a brand new person, and this new you might be dying to visit places and learn languages that were never on the radar for the old you. Still, the first half of February will also put relationships and other people front and center, and you might turn a new leaf with your significant other leading up to the solar eclipse on the 15th — maybe as a result of your mini personal revolution? Hopefully, this person is someone you can grow (and travel) together with. Meanwhile, you might encounter some ego clashes on the 10th with your partner, family member or roommate, so make sure you’re taking everyone’s needs into account while you’re planning your trips abroad. You might stumble upon a brilliant idea or solution to feed your own restless wanderlust (and keep your bae happy) around the 13th, and the Aries moon on the 18th and 19th will be perfect for planning your next adventure. Your ruler, the sun, also moves into Pisces on the 18th, ushering in a month of relinquishing your own ego to the beck and call of greater intimacy with yourself and others. Though it’s natural to expect a lot of this to take place in your closest relationships (since they’ve been the seat of so much drama for you over the last month), you can also apply this to the connections you make abroad or right at home with people who hail from outside your tribe. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in your identity that you inadvertently create barriers. But at the end of the day, it’s all a social construct, and that’s the great lesson of Pisces.


Aquarius season is probably your favorite time of year, Virgo, because for you, it’s all about getting organized and getting on your hustle, as well as observing healthy habits and routines. Self-care has both a practical and emotional side to it, however, and it’s entirely possible that the eclipse on Jan. 31 brought you healing and closure around an issue that’s been in the process of ending for quite some time now, or at least encouraged you to end an unhelpful pattern related to your sleep and mental health. Hopefully, this coincided with a relaxing vacation or a restorative mental health day, because by all other accounts, this stands to be a fairly busy month for you. If you happen to be traveling, expect to at least be doing some remote work poolside, or keeping up with your exercise routine abroad. The solar eclipse on the 15th might help you turn a new leaf in this regard, too, perhaps encouraging you to adopt a new diet, health regimen, or work schedule — maybe one that’ll let you travel more in the new year? You may run up against some tall tales or hyperbolic conversations on the 13th, and perhaps they’ll involve some of the coworkers, service providers or employees who have been at the center of this drama. When your ruling planet, Mercury, enters Pisces on the 17th, followed closely by the sun on the 18th, you’ll be able to take a breather from all this day-to-day work stuff and give some more attention to bae, or to another VIP in your life. A helpful Mercury/Saturn hookup on the 21st could pave the way for productive one-on-one conversations — perhaps with the support of a larger community to back you up. When Mercury meets Neptune on the 25th, you’ll be able to tune into the emotional resonance of what the other person is saying, which could also cloud your objectivity to some degree. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing — it might just be a little uncomfortable for a hyper-analytical sign like you, Virgo. This month, you’ll connect with people from other cultures a little more easily when you get out of your own head a bit.


February opens with both Venus and the sun in your romance and creativity sector, making you even more predisposed to seek out the cultural and artsy attractions your sophisticated sign loves. Just watch out for an indulgent streak on Feb. 4, or a temptation to splurge on a fine objet d’art you see on your trip to the Louvre. Though the first half of February will definitely find you in more of a freewheeling party mode, you might be dealing with some of the fallout from the Jan. 31 eclipse. Did you perhaps leave a group you’ve been associated with for a while, or outgrow a community effort you’ve been a part of? Your network can easily help or hinder your efforts to see the world, and this month, you might find yourself looking for a new group to flock with. But that’s not all. A solar eclipse on the 15th might bring an exhilarating breath of fresh air to your dating life, your creativity, or your relationship to pleasure in general. You might decide to make enjoyment and fun an even bigger priority this year, which, naturally, equals “more trips abroad.” You’ll get more from experiences than things with this alignment, and with a cooperative alignment between pleasure-seeking Venus and responsible Saturn occurring in the same day, you can probably move forward with your plans in a way that won’t compromise your family responsibilities or your productivity. Your ruling planet, Venus, will move into Pisces on the 10th, followed by the sun on the 18th. These next few weeks will largely be about attending to the nitty-gritty aspects of your day-to-day routine, whipping yourself back into shape health-wise, and staying on track with your chores and to-dos, regardless of what corner of the world you happen to be in. However, having Venus in this part of your chart will see to it that you get pleasure from these activities, and perhaps even figure out how to turn them into social activities. You might over-romanticize something (or someone!) on the 21st, but luckily, the Gemini moon that follows from the evening of the 22nd to the evening of the 24th will be ideal for thinking about faraway places. Channel your dreamy, wistful mood into planning a trip instead.


What travel? Late January and early February are all too likely to find you cooped up in your cocoon, and probably for the best, because who really wants to be outside if you’re in a wintry climate? You might also still be dealing with some big changes from the Jan. 31st eclipse, which may have catalyzed some dramatic developments involving your career or your public image. The good news is that you can use your downtime at home to plan your next big move, because strategy is one of your biggest fortes, Scorp. Go-getter Mars is also touring your financial sector this month, so even if you’re experiencing turbulence at work, you do have a little extra mojo in your wallet, which can help you get on your hustle and discover a new income stream (in other words, more money for travel). A family member might have some news or ideas for you in this vein around the 3rd, and there’s also a last quarter moon in your sign on the 7th, which should help you make sense of your circumstances and come up with an actionable plan according to everything you’ve recently learned. The hits will keep coming, though, because the solar eclipse on the 15th is set to stimulate the domestic sector of your chart, perhaps heralding a move or a big development in your family life. If you’re relocating for work because of a big offer that had you putting in your notice around the January eclipse, you’ll be cosmically supported in your efforts to start over in a new part of the world and get acquainted with the culture there. You might just want to watch out for a tendency to overdo it on the drinks (and the bar tabs) around the 17th. It’s understandable if you want to bond with some of your new friends, but there are ways to accomplish this that you won’t wake up regretting. Either way, once the sun moves into Pisces on the 18th, you’ll have a whole month to focus on hitting the town, prioritizing fun and getting your fill of the arts and culture offerings in your location of the moment.


This month finds you neck-deep in errands, neighborhood happenings and perhaps a bevy of short trips to neighboring cities, and with Mars newly in your sign, you’ve got the energy to handle it. You’re busy, Sag, but don’t let this distract you from the big realizations that came your way during the Jan. 31 eclipse, which hit the travel sector of your chart and brought one chapter of your global adventure or higher-learning story to an end. Did you finally wrap up a course of study, or change your mind about the degree you’ve been working toward? Did you end an international alliance, or maybe vow to never travel with a certain airline again? The intensely “local” flavor of the first half of this month will give you a respite from any long-distance hangovers you’re currently nursing, and the solar eclipse on the 15th could bring you a new opportunity to do more domestic travel, or deepen your relationship with your local community. Just watch for tension on that front on Feb. 4, 10 and/or 13 as a handful of planets in that corner of your chart face off with your ruling planet Jupiter. Jupiter entered the secluded, spiritual part of your chart in October, and it’ll help you grow in all kinds of intangible, subtle ways this year, so watch for some difficulty in communicating or expressing your journey around these days. Once the sun enters Pisces on the 18th, your focus will shift toward your home and family life for the next month, and you’ll be uncharacteristically tempted to hole up at home. If cabin fever tries to get you, harness this family-oriented energy into taking a family vacation somewhere, or visiting a place associated with your roots. The Leo moon from Feb. 26 to 28 will be great for planning a trip or getting out of Dodge.


You’ve got your mind on your money, and your money on your mind this month. Since late January, the sun has been touring the financial sector of your chart, helping you take an honest look at your bank account and come up with innovative new ways to budget or earn extra cash (have you tried any new apps lately?). What’s more, the Jan. 31 eclipse may have coincided with a big return, or forced the other shoe to drop, in terms of your joint finances, debts, investments or taxes. Hopefully, you’re celebrating some sort of payoff, because the upcoming solar eclipse on the 15th could mark the beginning of a new chapter in your overall financial picture. You know what else is great about having a new budget to work with? Being able to allocate money to your travel fund. Money planet Venus in your cash sector will align with your ruler, Saturn, on this day, which suggests you’ll be able to afford various pleasures without being irresponsible. Mercury, which presides over the travel sector of your chart, will then move into Pisces on the 17th, making you eager to depart on a spiritual or humanitarian pilgrimage of some kind. Once the sun follows suit the next day, you’ll put your finances on autopilot and get extra busy exploring your ‘hood or taking short trips for work or pleasure. You might also spend more time with your siblings or neighbors for the next couple of weeks, so see if you can’t rope them into your next day trip. A helpful Mercury/Saturn alignment on the 21st can help you communicate and set healthy boundaries with others, so no need to worry too much about being stuck together in a car for four hours.


Happy birthday, Aquarius! February finds you reenergized and ready to advance your aims for the new year. Venus and Mercury are also in your sign as the month begins, making you especially likable and eloquent. Strike while the iron is hot and connect with people you wouldn’t normally connect with, or debut your new language skills (even if, and especially if, they’re not perfect yet). This might help take your mind off any relationship drama that occurred around the Jan. 31 eclipse, which may have coincided with a major shakeup or a breakup. The good news is that the solar eclipse coming up on the 15th will be in your sign, giving you a powerful opportunity to start over and recommit to the latest version of Who You Really Are. You might have an unexpected conversation with someone on the 6th that helps you tap into your gifts and own unique value, and you’ll be ready to express these things more openly by the solar eclipse. And if getting out of town is what’s needed to aid your quest to find yourself, the Libra moon from Feb. 3 to 5 will put you in the right headspace to escape for a bit. On the 18th, the sun moves into Pisces and your financial sector, helping you drill down on the tangible benefits of knowing your worth. A Mercury/Saturn hookup on the 21st is helpful for defining or spelling out a budget, and the 25th might be a good day to appreciate all the hard work and progress you’ve made in terms of working through your issues and raising your self-esteem. Cheers to a brand new year.


February comes in like a lamb and comes out like a lion for you, Pisces. For the first half of the month, you’ll be rather low-energy and more inclined to catch up on some much-needed sleep — ideally on a beach somewhere, or near a body of water. This might prove especially necessary given the Jan. 31 lunar eclipse that just occurred in your health sector, potentially provoking you to end an unhealthy habit or shift some things around in your daily routine to make more time for self-care. There’s even more cosmic action propping you up on the 15th, when the solar eclipse in Aquarius activates the mental health part of your chart and helps you turn over a new leaf with meditation, therapy or possibly just getting good sleep for once in your life. This is crucial, because with a whole year of Jupiter supersizing your travel and education initiatives, you’ll need to make sure you don’t burn yourself out with a jam-packed itinerary. The 4th, 10th and 13th could bring some of these challenges front of mind, as a host of planets in your R&R sector square off with Jupiter. Pretty soon, though, you’ll wake up renewed: Venus enters your sign on the 10th, making you especially charming and likable for the next month or so. Then, Mercury follows suit on the 17th, giving you the gift of gab (or language proficiency?) on your adventures. The sun enters your sign on the 18th, kicking off your birthday month and a brand new cycle for the year ahead. Your charm can cast some serious spells on the 21st, but you might have some trouble expressing yourself clearly on the 25th, so speak extra deliberately if you’re taking your new language skills for a spin.

Where in the world will you go this month?
Steph Koyfman
Steph is a writer, lindy hopper, and astrologer. She’s also a language enthusiast who grew up bilingual and had an early love affair with books. She has mostly proved herself as a New Yorker, and she can introduce herself in Swedish thanks to Babbel. She also speaks Russian and Spanish, but she’s a little rusty on those fronts.
Steph is a writer, lindy hopper, and astrologer. She’s also a language enthusiast who grew up bilingual and had an early love affair with books. She has mostly proved herself as a New Yorker, and she can introduce herself in Swedish thanks to Babbel. She also speaks Russian and Spanish, but she’s a little rusty on those fronts.

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