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Matt Hormann - Babbel Magazine

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Matt Hormann

Matt Hormann is a freelance writer in Pasadena, California. His work has appeared in Hometown Pasadena, Patch.com, Westways, and the Pasadena Weekly.

Articles by Matt

Bilingual Education: The Key To Building A Better Brain?

The latest research shatters long-held myths about bilingual education — rather than overwhelming children with too much information, it may actually aid attention control, reasoning, and flexible problem-solving. We talked with the head of an English-French immersion school to learn more.

Absolute Beginner: How I Re-Learned French In My Twenties

They say once you learn a language, it never goes away. It can, however, take a long hiatus.

How I Discovered The Secret Paris Hiding In Plain Sight

Ever since the 19th century, Paris has been the ultimate city for the aimless stroller, or flâneur. Even today, walking with no destination in mind is the only way to stumble upon the secrets the city hides in plain sight.

How I Learned To Love The French Language

Resistance, Rebellion, Conjugation