Quiz: Which Hobby Should You Combine With Your Language Learning?

Trying to find a way to fit more language learning into your life? This quiz will give you the answer.
A woman in her kitchen wearing and apron and baking, having found her new calling with this hobby quiz

A hobby is pretty much anything you do when you’re not working, sleeping or eating (and even eating can be a hobby, technically). Language learning, then, can be a hobby. But it’s kind of a weird one, if you think about it. Almost anything can be language learning, from listening to music, talking to someone or actually doing the dirty work of memorizing conjugation tables. That’s what makes it an ideal activity to combine with other hobbies. Pretty much anything you do can have a language element with a little effort. And if you’re not sure where to start with that, you can take this hobby quiz.

This hobby quiz will help you figure out which pastime you can take up to help with your language learning. Or, if it’s a hobby you already have, the results will offer you some tips on the best ways to incorporate a language element. And if you don’t like your result, don’t be afraid of trying it again!

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