Test Your Knowledge Of The World Of Words With Our Ultimate Language Quiz

Find out if you’re a linguistics lord or an alphabet apprentice.
A blonde woman looking at a wall of maps and taking notes, potentially taking our ultimate language quiz

The world is absolutely filled with languages, and we think that’s fantastic. It would be pretty boring if everyone spoke the same one. Linguistic diversity is endlessly fascinating, and once you get past your native language there’s so much more to learn. While it’s not humanly possible to learn every language, you can certainly learn about a whole slew of them. Enter our ultimate language quiz.

This quiz doesn’t ask many questions about specific languages, but instead about general linguistic concepts that are worth knowing. If you get one wrong, have no fear, because we provided some helpful context for each question. And we’ve written about all of the topics covered on this ultimate language quiz before, so if you want to find out more you can look through the magazine. Best of luck!

Test yourself by learning a new language.
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