Introducing La bottega di Babbel: Our New Monolingual Italian Podcast

Hand-crafted by Babbel’s own language experts, our new show helps you discover the culture and traditions of Italy while strengthening your language skills.
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Introducing La bottega di Babbel: Our New Monolingual Italian Podcast

Boost your listening and conversational skills with La bottega di Babbel, our newest language-learning podcast. Join host Gianluca as he meets with native speakers and Italian learners alike to talk about traditions, culture and everyday life in Italy.

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What It’s All About

La bottega di Babbel is tailor-made for Italian learners at an intermediate level who want to strengthen their conversation skills while diving into the many facets of Italy’s traditions.

Gianluca and his guests bring you insights about the country’s culture with related vocabulary to prep you for your next adventure in bella Italia. Explore beloved cultural staples like aperitivo, ferragosto and (of course) pizza, as well as traditions around Natale. You’ll also hear personal stories and helpful tips from the Italian guests.

Meet The Host

Gianluca is a language editor for Italian at Babbel, who creates your Italian courses with our team of language experts. Teaching Italian at different German universities for many years equipped him with plenty of insights on how to effectively teach the language and help his students become conversational.

Stop by La bottega di Babbel and take your Italian skills to the next level!

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