Quiz: How Well Do You Know Italian Animal Names?

So you’ve got your Italian food vocab down pat (for obvious reasons), but do you know how to talk about animals?
a cat lays in the sun Italian animals

As we’ve seen from countless viral videos, nothing brings as much joy as an adorable animal living its life. Animals are the perfect combination of delightful, innocent and a little mysterious, and the way we interact with them says a lot about us as humans. And like all other aspects of our lives, we need language to identify and describe them. For Italian learners, being able to name some of the most common Italian animals will make both your everyday conversations and your sporadic adventures easier and more enjoyable.

We have an enormous number of resources to help Italian learners master the language, but when it comes to Italian animals, we wanted to give you the opportunity to see how much you already know. Take this Italian animals quiz to gauge your grasp of the vocabulary. If your score isn’t as high as you’d like, refresh your animal knowledge with our animals guide to animals in Italian. Buona fortuna!

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