How To Talk About Transportation In Italian

Whether you’re venturing by l’auto, l’aereo or l’acqua (Venetian gondola ride, anyone?), let this vocabulary guide to transportation in Italian ease the way for smooth sailing.
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How To Talk About Transportation In Italian

You’ve got a big trip to Italy coming up, and you couldn’t be more excited. You’re dreaming of authentic gelato, and you’ve packed your floppiest hat to bask in the Mediterranean sun. On your list of spots to see are some of Italy’s most famous icons — the Colosseum, the Venetian canals and the ruins of Pompeii. But while you’re fantasizing about tasting the peninsula’s culinary masterpieces and traveling between its historical and cultural meccas, have you thought about transportation in Italian paradise?

Sure, you want to be culturally and linguistically competent when it comes to knowing where to visit on your Italian vacation and how to talk about these places. But you can’t enjoy these sites and sights without knowing how to talk about the process of getting there! Navigating a new place is hard enough, and if you don’t know the language, certain risks might put a damper on your experience — like getting lost or missing a tight transit connection, for example.

That’s why we’ve whipped up a handy guide to transportation in Italian to help you talk about getting around when you’re traveling the Italian peninsula — whether you’re making your way to Milan, on the road to Rome, or popping on over to Pisa by plane, train, or automobile (or on foot, if you’ve got a lot of time and some good shoes). So read on! You can press the play button to hear the pronunciation of each word.

Talking About Transportation In Italian

General Navigation

Turn left. — Giri a sinistra.

Turn right. — Giri a destra.

On the corner — all’angolo

Continue straight ahead! — Continui dritto!

I’m going to the Colosseum. — Io vado al Colosseo.

Are you going to Rome? (informal) — Tu vai a Roma?

Where is a supermarket? — Dov’è un supermercato?

Do you know a hotel in the center? — Conosci un albergo in centro?

Where can I buy a ticket? — Dove posso comprare un biglietto?


Traveling By Plane

Excuse me, how do I get to the airport? — Scusi, per andare all’aeroporto?

airplane — l’aereo

airport — l’aeroporto

terminal — il terminal

luggage — il bagaglio

hand baggage (carry-on) — il bagaglio a mano

weight limit — il limite di peso

departure — il decollo

flight — il volo

security check — il controllo di sicurezza

gate — il gate

flight attendant — l’assistente di volo

connection — la coincidenza

to check in — fare il check in

to board — imbarcarsi

to land — atterrare


Traveling By Train Or Bus

public transportation — il trasporto pubblico

train — il treno

bus — l’autobus

train station — la stazione

bus (or train) stop — la fermata

ticket — il biglietto

passenger — il passeggero

subway — la metro

timetable — l’orario

crowded — pieno

to catch — prendere

to transfer — trasferire

to validate — convalidare

Which bus goes to the airport? — Quale autobus va all’aeroporto?

Is there a bus stop near here? — C’è una fermata qui vicino?

What time does the train to Rome leave? — A che ora parte il treno per Roma?


Traveling By Car Or Bike

car — l’automobile

driver — l’autista

bicycle — la bicicletta

headlight — il faro

windshield wipers — il tergicristallo

key — la chiave

helmet — il casco

to drive — guidare

to park — parcheggiare

to break down — andare in panne

driver’s license — la patente di guida

Can we park our here? — Possiamo parcheggiare qui la macchina?

My car has broken down. — Ho la macchina in panne.


Traveling By Boat

boat — la barca

canal — il canale

water — l’acqua

Wherever your travels take you, take Italian language learning with you.
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