How To Talk About Tech And The Internet In German

You’re on the internet anyway, why not add in some language learning?
Two women using the internet in German on a desktop computer

Travel is one of the most common reasons to learn a language, but you don’t need a trip to Europe to encounter German. In fact, it’s just a few mouse clicks away. Using the internet in German can be a great way to learn the language, whether you just want to change your computer’s language settings or explore German Twitter. (We know at least one good German-speaking dog to follow.)

But before you do any of that, you’ll need some tech-specific vocab. We gathered together a good sampling that should help you avoid getting too lost on the web. And while many of these words look similar to their English counterparts, you might want to check the pronunciation by clicking the play button next to each term.

Talking About Tech And The Internet In German

German Technology Vocabulary

the hardware — die Hardware

the computer — der Computer

the laptop — der Laptop

the cable — das Kabel

to charge — aufladen

the keyboard — die Tastatur

the mouse — die Maus

the printer — der Drucker

compatible — kompatibel

wireless — drahtlos

the software — die Software

to install — installieren

the click — der Klick

the menu — das Menü

the folder — der Ordner

the file — die Datei

to save — speichern

the bug — der Bug

offline — offline

to drag — ziehen

German Internet Vocabulary

internet — das Internet

the browser — der Browser

the link — der Link

to load — laden

the blog — das Blog

the virus — der Virus

the pop-up — das Pop-up

online — online

to download — herunterladen

to search — suchen

the email — die E-Mail

the chat — der Chat

the message — die Nachricht

the draft — der Entwurf

the emoticon — das Emoticon

the email address — die E-Mail-Adresse

to write — schreiben

to open — öffnen

the attachment — der Anhang

to send — senden

the social media — die Social Media

to sign up — sich anmelden

to log in — sich einloggen

the member — das Mitglied

the password — das Passwort

popular — beliebt

the forum — das Forum

the community — die Community

the network — das Netzwerk

to follow — folgen

German Tech And Internet Phrases

I spend my time in front of the computer. — Ich verbringe meine Zeit vor dem Computer.

All of my files are gone. — Alle meine Dateien sind verschwunden.

You can download the program. — Du kannst das Programm herunterladen.

The keyboard is quite dirty. — Die Tastatur ist ziemlich dreckig.

Your password should be secret and hard to guess. — Dein Passwort sollte geheim und schwierig zu erraten sein.

I follow some of my friends on Twitter so I can keep up with what they are doing. — Ich folge einigen Freunden auf Twitter, damit ich auf dem Laufenden bleibe, was sie tun.

I need to be online, I’ve got about a million emails to send. — Ich muss online sein, ich muss etwa eine Million E-Mails verschicken.

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