Quiz: Test Your German Understanding

Test how much you understand of colloquial German and learn new expressions!
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Quiz: Test Your German Understanding

Learning German? Challenge your reading comprehension skills and test your understanding of real life vocabulary with our three-part German quiz! In this German test, you’ll read three text conversations and answer questions about each.

Struggling with some of the words you might not have seen before? At the end, we’ve collected some words and expression you might not yet know, so have a look if you need a clue.

Viel Spaß!

Conversation 1

Conversation 2

Conversation 3

Vocabulary List

kochen — to cook

bei uns — at our place

(ist) eingeladen — (is) invited

mitbringen — bring

wäre — would be

schenken — give

vergessen — to forget

noch mal — again

übermorgen — day after tomorrow

sich wünschen — to wish for

langweilig — boring

(die) Geburtstagskarte — birthday card

ursprünglich — originally

schon — already

weißt du — (do) you know

eigentlich — actually

Want to test more of your German? Babbel’s method is built up around these kind of real-life dialogues, so sign up and have a look around the app for free. And for more on the topic of what it takes to learn German, you can also read our very specific tips or get less confused about German gender.

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