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Elin Asklöv - Babbel Magazine

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Elin Asklöv

Elin Asklöv is a Swede living in Berlin, working at Babbel since 2014. She has a passion for Italian food, Danish cinema and German subordinate clauses and how to decipher them. Currently topping her bucket list is "see the Northern Lights" and "swim in a sea of puppies."

Articles by Elin

The 20 Most Common Adjectives In Swedish

Adjectives are like spices: you’d survive without them, but life would be awfully bleak. That’s why we’ve created this list of some of the most common Swedish adjectives to spice up your sentences with.

Swedish ‘Hen’ Is Here To Stay: The Success Of A Made-Up Gender-Neutral Pronoun

For a long time in Swedish, you had to choose between the masculine ‘han’ and feminine ‘hon’ pronouns. The Swedish ‘hen’ is changing that.

12 Romantic Movies From Around The World For Valentine’s Day

Love is universal, so why only watch romantic movies in English?

Multilinguish: Code-Switching Decoded

In this episode of Multilinguish, we talk about code-switching: why do bilinguals so often switch between their languages?

The 20 Most Common Swedish Verbs

What are the most important verbs in Swedish, how do you conjugate them and how do you use them? We’ve created a guide for you.

How To Tell The Time In Swedish

Learn how to ask what time it is, along with other useful expressions involving time.

Quiz: Test Your German Understanding

Test how much you understand of colloquial German and learn new expressions!

Cursing Abroad: Swedish Insults To Round Out Your Studies

Swedish insults may not be the most vulgar, but they can still make you feel dumb.

7 Fascinating And Terrifying Creatures From Around The World

Vengeful ghosts, cannibal monsters, forest nymphs and frog kings — every corner of this planet is home to fascinating and terrifying supernatural beings.