Naming The Parts Of The Body In Indonesian

Learners, lend us your ‘telinga’ — it’s time to learn your anatomy!
legs dangling in a swimming pool indonesian body parts vocabulary

As a student of Indonesian, you’ve got a bit of ground to cover to ensure you’ve got your basics down. Maybe you’ve already learned how to count and how to order food and drink. The utility of knowing your Indonesian body parts vocabulary may not seem as immediately obvious, but you won’t get very far in your conversations before you bump up against the need to know what a “foot” or “arm” is called.

Additionally, learning this terminology can help you untangle assumptions you’re likely carrying about the way language is supposed to work. If you’re a native English speaker, it probably seems natural that there would be a separate word for “foot” and “leg.” However, that’s not so in Indonesian! The same word is used for both.

Check out this list of basic Indonesian body parts terminology below, and click the play button to hear how each word is voiced by a native speaker.

Indonesian Body Parts Vocabulary

part of the body — bagian tubuh

body — badan

foot / leg — kaki

hand — tangan

arm — lengan

head — kepala

finger — jari

eyes — mata

face — wajah

mouth — mulut

nose — hidung

knee — lutut

ear — telinga

tooth — gigi

neck — leher

back — punggung

stomach — perut

Sentences Involving Anatomy

I have a headache. — Saya sakit kepala.

He broke his leg. — Kakinya patah.

I feel sick and my stomach hurts. — Saya pusing dan sakit perut.

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