How To Talk About The Weather In Indonesian

It’s always sunny in Indonesia. Except during the Monsoon season.
people biking in sunny Indonesian weather

If you’re a fan of warm weather and beaches, a trip to Indonesia might be right up your alley. The year-round average temperature is about 82 degrees Fahrenheit, so you certainly won’t be cold. Just keep in mind that during monsoon season (October-April), you’ll get heavy downpours for a couple of hours each day. Regardless of when you go, or even if you’re learning Indonesian for a non-travel-related reason, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with some basic Indonesian weather vocabulary to improve your language skills.

We’ve compiled a quick guide to some of the Indonesian weather words and phrases you may need to plan activities or make small talk. Press the play button to hear how each word or phrase is pronounced.

The Seasons In Indonesian

season — musim

spring — musim semi

summer — musim panas

autumn — musim gugur

winter — musim dingin

rainy season — musim hujan

dry season — musim kemarau

Indonesian Weather Vocabulary

weather — cuaca

climate — iklim

degree — derajat selsius

sunlight — cahaya matahari

rain — hujan

cloud — awan

snow — salju

wind — angin

tropical — tropis

storm — badai

temperate — sedang

overcast — mendung

weather forecast — prakiraan cuaca

thunder — guntur

lightning — petir

frost — embun beku

blizzard — badai salju

hail — hujan es batu

drizzle — gerimis

rainbow — pelangi

Indonesian Weather Phrases

What is the weather like? — Bagaimana cuacanya?

The sun is shining. — Matahari bersinar.

The sky is cloudy. — Langitnya mendung.

It stopped raining. — Hujan sudah berhenti.

A thunderstorm is coming. — Badai datang.

A strong wind is blowing. — Anginnya sangat kencang.

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