How To Count To 100 In Indonesian

Counting in Indonesian is a fundamental aspect of speaking the language. Here’s a brief guide to how the numbers work, from nol (0) to seratus (100).
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How To Count To 100 In Indonesian
There are two sets of crucial building blocks when you begin learning a new language: letters and numbers. Because Indonesian uses the Latin alphabet we English speakers are so familiar with, we can skip straight to the numbers. This guide to counting in Indonesian will help you when ordering food, finding the right clothing size (colors will help you here too), navigating your travels and in countless (pun intended) other situations. Without further ado, let’s get counting!

Counting From Zero To Twenty In Indonesian

Counting in Indonesian is actually very simple — you essentially just combine words for the first 10 numbers to form the higher ones. Let’s start with the basics, the numbers from zero to 20, and then work our way up. You’ll notice that once you get to 12, you simply add the word belas to the base number. Press the play button to hear how each word is pronounced.

Zero — nol

One — satu

Two — dua

Three — tiga

Four — empat

Five — lima

Six — enam

Seven — tujuh

Eight — delapan

Nine — sembilan

Ten — sepuluh

Eleven — sebelas

Twelve — dua belas

Thirteen — tiga belas

Fourteen — empat belas

Fifteen — lima belas

Sixteen — enam belas

Seventeen — tujuh belas

Eighteen — delapan belas

Nineteen — sembilan belas

Twenty — dua puluh

The Rest Of The Tens

Next, we’ll move on to the remaining foundational numbers. All you have to do is combine the word for the base number with the word puluh. Pronunciation is key when speaking a new language, so be sure to press play to hear how the numbers are supposed to sound.

Thirty — tiga puluh

Forty — empat puluh

Fifty — lima puluh

Sixty — enam puluh

Seventy — tujuh puluh

Eighty — delapan puluh

Ninety — sembilan puluh

One Hundred — seratus

Putting It All Together

Filling in the rest of the numbers follows a similar pattern. Simply add the digit to the ten, so 31 would be tiga puluh satu, and 99 would be sembilan puluh sembilan. It’s that easy!

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