How To Say ‘I’m Lost’ In 10 Languages

For the times when you actually want to be found, here’s how to say ‘I’m lost’ in 10 different languages.
I'm lost

Sometimes you want to get lost. It can be exciting to break out of your comfort zone and explore a brand new city or landscape with no tethers to your mundane, regular life. But other times, you definitely don’t want to be lost — like when you’re on a tight schedule or you’re in a place where you don’t speak the language and aren’t sure you’ll ever find your way back to your hotel. In those cases, being lost can be scary! If you learn how to say “I’m lost” in the local language, however, you can remain calm and ask for help.

Here’s a guide to saying “I’m lost” in 10 different languages. It may also be a good idea to review these emergency numbers and phrases before you go abroad.

SpanishMe he perdido (m), me he perdida (f)

FrenchJe suis perdu (m), Je suis perdue (f)

GermanIch habe mich verlaufen

ItalianMi sono perso (m), Mi sono persa (f)

PortugueseEstou perdido (m), Estou perdida (f)

SwedishJag är vilsen


PolishZgubiłem się (m), Zgubiłam się (f)

IndonesianSaya tersesat

Russian — Я потерялась (f), Я потерялся (m), Я потерял_ась (gender-neutral)

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