How To Say ‘Do You Speak English?’ In 10 Languages

In case of emergency abroad, use this guide to learn how to ask “Do you speak English?” in 10 different languages.

When you’re visiting another country, we highly recommend learning some of the local language so you can have more authentic and memorable experiences. But sometimes, like in an emergency or an urgent situation, there’s no time for language barriers. For that rare but important occasion, here’s how to ask, “do you speak English?” in 10 different languages, which is the polite thing to do in another country, rather than just launching right into English.

1. Spanish: ¿Hablas Inglés?

2. French: Tu parles anglais ?

3. German: Sprichst du Englisch?

4. Italian: Parli inglese?

5. Portuguese: Você fala inglês?

6. Swedish: Pratar du engelska?

7. Indonesian: Apakah kamu bicara bahasa Inggris?

8. Russian: Ты говоришь по-английски? (Ty govorish’ po-angliyski?)

9. Dutch: Spreek jij Engels?

10. Polish: Mówisz po angielsku?

You won't need this list if you learn the language!
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