How To Say ‘How Much Does This Cost?’ In 10 Languages

Don’t get cheated at the market or souvenir shop. Learn how to ask ‘how much does this cost?’ in 10 different languages.
how much does this cost

You’re on vacation in another country, or perhaps on a work trip, and you wander into a local market selling delicious food and handmade crafts. No prices are listed for any of the goods being sold, and none of the merchants speak English (though it’s worth asking first). You don’t want to blindly pick a few things, only to be stunned by an exorbitant total when you go to pay. How to solve this dilemma? Make sure you learn how to say “How much does this cost?” in the local language before you go! Here’s a quick guide to pronouncing this useful phrase in 10 languages.

Spanish ¿Cuánto cuesta?

French Combien ça coûte ?

German Wie viel kostet es?

Italian Quanto costa?

Portuguese Quanto custa?

Swedish Hur mycket kostar det?

Indonesian Ini harganya berapa?

Russian Сколько это стоит? (Skol’ko eto stoyit?)

Dutch Hoeveel kost dat?

Polish Ile to kosztuje?

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