How To Say ‘Excuse Me’ In 10 Languages

This is arguably the most important phrase to learn when you’re traveling abroad. Here’s how to say ‘excuse me’ in 10 world languages.
how to say excuse me

“Excuse me” is one of those multi-purpose phrases that comes in handy in countless situations. Maybe you’re trying to flag down a waiter so you can finally order dessert, or you want to stop someone to ask for directions when you’re hopelessly lost. And it’s especially good to know how to say “excuse me” in case you bump into someone on a crowded street. Depending on the scenario and the language, the exact expression may vary, but you’ll be able to get by if you learn the phrases below.

1. Spanish: Perdón

2. French: Pardon

3. German: Entschuldigung

4. Italian: Mi scusi

5. Portuguese: Desculpe-me

6. Swedish: Ursäkta

7. Indonesian: Maaf

8. Dutch: Pardon

9. Norwegian: Unnskyld

10. Russian: Извините (izvinite)

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