Hot Tip: Spanish Tongue Twisters

Sometimes, you just need to make things difficult for yourself on purpose.
brown dog with its tongue out spanish tongue twisters

If you’re working on your Spanish pronunciation and just can’t seem to get certain sounds to roll off your tongue, it’s probably not much consolation to you that Spanish pronunciation is relatively straightforward (compared to a lot of other languages, at least). This is part of the reason why Babbel Live teacher Claudia recommends Spanish tongue twisters to her students.

According to Claudia, the letters R, Z and J tend to give students the most trouble. To help them master those sounds, she recommends practicing with these difficult-to-say sentences. It’s the linguistic equivalent of lifting weights.

Here are a couple Spanish tongue twisters you can try for each of these sounds:

  • El perro de San Roque no tiene rabo porque Ramón Ramirez se lo ha robado.
  • Juan junta juncos junto a la zanja.
  • Un zapatero zambo, zapateaba zapateados de zapata, de zapata zapateaba zapateados un zapatero zambo.
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