Can You Manage These Hard Tongue Twisters In 9 Different Languages?

Prepare for your tongue to be twisted in 9 different languages!

When you’re learning a new language, tongue-twisters are a great way to practice your pronunciation. Tongue-twisters are sentences or series of words that are hard to say. They often have similar alternating sounds, like s and sh or p and b. Although they are typically nonsense, the English classic “She sells sea shells on the sea shore, and the shells that she sells are sea shells, I’m sure” was actually a popular song in 1908 based on the life of Mary Anning, a famous British fossil hunter and collector.

Here are tongue-twisters in 4 different languages mashed into one frantic video. Can you master them all?


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Now here are tongue twisters from 9 different languages to really challenge yourself.


This is Stu. Stu chews shoes. But if Stu chews shoes, should Stu choose the shoes he chews?


Sju undersköna sjuksköterskor sköter sju sjösjuka sjömän på det sjunkande skeppet Shanghai.

Seven beautiful nurses take care of seven seasick sailors on the sinking ship Shanghai.


Auf den sieben Robbenklippen sitzen sieben Robbensippen, die sich in die Rippen stippen, bis sie von den Klippen kippen.

Seven seal tribes sit on the seven seal cliffs, poking each other in the ribs until they topple off the cliffs.


Сев в такси спросила такса: “За проезд какая такса?” А таксист ответил так: “Возим такс мы просто так-с.”

In a taxi the dachshund asked, “How much is the fare?” And the taxi driver replied, “The ride is free for dachshunds.”


Combien ces six saucissons-ci et ces six saucisses-ci ?

C’est six sous ces six saucissons-ci et six sous ces six saucisses-ci aussi !

How much are these six little sausages and these six sausages?

These six little sausages are six cents, and these six sausages are also six cents!


Bir berber bir berbere “Bre berber, gel beraber bir berber dükkânı açalım” demiş.

One barber said to another barber, “Hey barber, let’s open up a barber shop together.”


Stativ, stakit, kasket

Rack, picket fence, cap


Pepe Peña pela papa, pica piña, pita un pito, pica piña, pela papa, Pepe Peña.

Pepe Peña peels potatoes, cuts pineapple, blows a whistle, cuts pineapple, peels potatoes, Pepe Peña.


A mulher barbada tem barba boba babada e um barbado bobo todo babado.

The bearded woman has a beard (f) that is silly and filled with drool, and a silly beard (m) completely filled with drool.

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