How To Say ‘Good Job!’ In 10 Languages

Want to be a supportive friend or colleague? Use this guide to learn how to say ‘good job!’ in 10 different languages.
how to say 'good job!'

Giving credit where credit is due is a good rule of thumb to live by. When someone does a nice job on something, you should tell them. You might show your support for an international colleague for their work on a project, or you might congratulate a new friend you made abroad on their kayaking skills. Whatever the reason, you won’t be able to give them praise if you don’t know how to say it in their language. We’ve created a quick guide for how to say ‘good job!’ in 10 languages. Study this list and then start complimenting!

Spanish¡Bien hecho!

FrenchBien joué !

GermanGut gemacht!

ItalianBen fatto!

PortugueseBom trabalho!

SwedishBra jobbat!


PolishDobra robota!

IndonesianKerja bagus!

Russian Молодец!

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