How To Say ‘Congratulations!’ In 10 Languages

For graduations, promotions, weddings and other milestones, here’s how to say ‘congratulations!’ in 10 different languages.
how to say 'congratulations!'

It seems to be human nature, at least among Americans, to shout “Congratulations!” at each other for just about any occasion. When someone gets married, gets pregnant, has a baby, graduates, gets promoted, buys a house, wins a game, “wins” a “free” trip to The Bahamas via robo-call or does just the bare minimum, we say “Congratulations!” And chances are, one of these scenarios will occur while you’re in another country or with someone who speaks another language. Here’s how to say “congratulations!” in 10 languages, just in case.

Spanish: ¡Felicitaciones!

French: Félicitations !

German: Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Italian: Complimenti!

Portuguese: Parabéns!

Norwegian: Gratulerer!

Russian: Поздравляю! (pozdravliayu!)

Polish: Gratuluję!

Turkish: Tebrikler!

Dutch: Gefeliciteerd!

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