7 German YouTubers To Follow If You’re Learning The Language

Whether you want to learn about science, watch video games or just get some German tips, there’s a YouTuber out there for you.
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It can be unnervingly easy to fall down a YouTube rabbit hole. One minute you’re watching a video about cooking, the next you’re in the middle of a conspiracy theory about whether the moon is flat. While the obscene amount of content that’s out there is certainly a double-edged sword, it also means that you have countless free resources for learning German. To help you get started, we found seven of the best German YouTubers out there. Whether you’re just starting out with German or sprechen sehr gut Deutsch, there’s something on this list for you to enjoy.

German YouTubers For Language Learners

1. Learn German with Anja

Anja is possibly the most popular German instructor on the internet, and with good reason. Her entire YouTube channel is devoted to teaching all the ins and outs of German in a fun and engaging way. As she says in her description of the page, it’s all about learning German in a very un-German way. If you really enjoy the way she teaches, there’s also an option to support Anja on Patreon and get access to more resources. But even if you’re not one of her supporters, she has plenty of videos you can watch for free.

2. Learn German with Herr Antrim

If your ideal learning style is reminiscent of college classes, you may want to go with Herr Antrim. It’s the kind of YouTube channel with words in the titles like “dative case” and “two-way prepositions.” That’s not to make it sound intimidating, though; these videos do a great job of breaking down complex topics into understandable chunks. And yes, he’s basically always wearing a bowtie.

3. BibisBeautyPalace

With almost 6 million followers, BibisBeautyPalace is one of the most popular German YouTube accounts in existence. And if you are already interested in the world of English YouTubers and vloggers, you’ll feel right at home with this account. There are makeup tutorials, pranks, life updates, music videos and even interviews with celebrities like Ed Sheeran from time to time. If YouTube celebrities are your thing, this is the perfect way to practice your German. Oh, and her husband also happens to be a famous German YouTuber.

4. Paluten

One of the staples of YouTube content is gaming videos, which have become an enormously lucrative business in the United States. There are countless German YouTubers you could follow for gaming, but one of the most popular out there is Paluten. His main output is Minecraft videos, but Paluten has videos of him reacting to all sorts of games (and he’s also branched out to videos unrelated to gaming, on occasion). If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to creatively swear in German, watching German YouTubers play video games is probably your best option.

5. Get Germanized

This German YouTuber has been around for over a decade, meaning there’s a huge amount of content to consume. It also covers a pretty wide range of topics, including memes, culture, music, and how German is used around the world. Plus, there are videos that are just about learning the German language. You can probably learn something here no matter how much German you already know.

6. Clixoom Science & Fiction

Sure, the point of this list is that you’re trying to learn German, but why not learn some other stuff, too? Clixoom Science & Fiction is an account all about exploring the frontiers of space, artificial intelligence, climate and more. The vocabulary in these videos might be a little technical, but it can give you exposure to a lot of terms you otherwise might not learn about.

7. Sallys Welt

Want to combine your love of food with your love of German? Look no further than Sally’s World. Even if German food isn’t your thing, Sally makes lots of different kinds of food. In fact, one of her specialties is making extremely elaborate cakes (there’s one particularly disturbing Boss Baby cake). Make sure to double-check the translation of all the ingredients before you get going in the kitchen, though.

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