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Éric Gillaux

Eric writes, types, interrupts, talks to himself, observes, repeats, interprets, listens, scribbles, taps, clicks, edits, reads, reads again, crosses out, applauds, agrees, inserts, deletes and restarts.

Articles by Éric

Verlan ‘En Deuspi’: A Quick-Fire Guide For Your Friends

Whether it’s secretive, irreverent, polite, rebellious or even a bit corny, Verlan is an undeniable facet of French. Here’s how you teach it to your non-native friends.

A Guide To Essential French Cooking Terms From A To Z

Learn to speak like the world’s finest chefs! From abaisser to zester, discover our guide to essential French cooking vocab.

A Helpful Guide To French Animal Sounds

With a meugle meugle here and a grogne grogne there, here’s our guide to animal sounds in French.