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Arnaud Bernier

Arnaud is a real language addict. After traveling to Reunion Island at the age of 10, he became conscious of the beauty and diversity of cultures. Now he's become a passionate blogger and insatiable traveler, and he's particularly fascinated by the Russian-speaking world. Sometimes he even dreams of giving up everything to raise Siberian bears.

Articles by Arnaud

Unique Languages Of Europe: The Mysteries Of Yiddish

Yiddish isn’t a dialect or a jargon. It’s a language all to itself! Tormented by the past, forgotten by the present, Yiddish is a language in danger of disappearing. Let’s see what makes it so unique.

How Does The Perfect Tense Work In Italian?

Learn to conjugate one of Italian’s past tenses.

The Most Common French Filler Words And How To Use Them

Filler words are all of those words that we say without thinking. J’avoue, alors, du coup, donc, c’est clair, bref… What if filler words let you express yourself better in French?

The Origin Of Languages: The Tower Of Babel And Other Stories

From the Tower of Babel to tales from Africa, Asia and the Americas, discover how different civilizations have tried to explain the birth of languages!

The Top 10 Street Food Capitals Of Europe

Currywurst, churros, baklava and more. Let’s go on a tasty tour all around Europe to find savory snacks and sweet treats to go.

How To Learn The Cyrillic Alphabet In Only 2 Days

The Cyrillic alphabet can seem intimidating, but don’t be fooled. It only has 33 letters — just 7 more than the Latin alphabet! Here’s how you can learn the Cyrillic alphabet in only 2 days.

A Linguistic History Of Major European Cities

Where do capitals get their names? Why do we translate the names of certain foreign cities? From Lille to Porto, Munich to Moscow, discover the stories behind city names and their translations.

Countries And Cities That Have Changed Their Names

From France to Japan, Russia to Turkey, some places aren’t short of inspiration when it comes to changing names.