How To Talk About Free Time In Swedish

Learn the vocabulary for chatting about your favorite things to do.
Ballet dancers in formation, representing free time in Swedish

You’re in a bar in Sweden, eager to show off your new language skills. But once you’ve gotten past your comment on how unseasonably warm the weather’s been lately, where do you go from there? Talk about hobbies! Pretty much everyone is down to talk about what they like to do when they’re not working, so it’s time to break out your vocab for free time in Swedish.

There are quite a few directions you can go when discussing your free time in Swedish, but we collected some of the basics to get you started. You can explore the vocab for your personal hobbies in more depth, but it’s good to get a good broad sense of what’s out there first. If you want to hear how each of these words and phrases is pronounced by a native speaker, just hit the play button next to each term.

Talking About Free Time In Swedish

General Phrases About Free Time

What do you usually do in your free time? — Vad brukar du göra på fritiden?

Do you have any hobbies? — Har du en hobby?

in one’s free time — på fritiden

Arts And Culture Vocabulary

a theater — en teater

a play — en pjäs

a musical — en musikal

to attend — att besöka

a painting — en målning

photography — fotografering

a gallery — ett galleri

a photo — ett foto

to paint — att måla

a drawing — en teckning

a film — en film

a performance — en uppvisning

to dance — att dansa

a book — en bok

to read — att läsa

a genre — en genre

a museum — ett museum

music — musik

to sing — att sjunga

an instrument — ett instrument

a guitar — en gitarr

a piano — ett piano

Do you play an instrument? — Spelar du ett instrument?

I love to listen to my music very loud. — Jag lyssnar gärna på hög musik.

Do you like going to the theater? — Tycker du om att gå på teater?

I learn dancing in a dance course. — Jag lär mig dansa på en danskurs.

Games And Activities Vocabulary

a game — ett spel

a puzzle — ett tålamodsspel

chess — schack

a card — ett kort

to play — att spela

a video game — ett videospel

a role-playing game — ett rollspel

a board game — ett brädspel

a sport — en sport

soccer — fotboll

a gymnasium — ett gym

a team — ett lag

to go shopping — att gå och handla

second-hand — begagnad

eating — att äta ute

a restaurant — en restaurang

a club — en klubb

I love going to restaurants. — Jag älskar att gå ut på restaurang.

I surf the internet. — Jag surfar på internet.

Do you play sports? — Sportar du?

I jog every morning. — Jag joggar varje morgon.

I play soccer twice a week. — Jag spelar fotboll två gånger i veckan.

I am a member of a sports club for Asian martial arts. — Jag är med i en förening för asiatisk kampsport.

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