How To Talk About The Weather In Swedish

Regn, snö or hagel, you’ll want to know these weather terms to prepare for the day ahead of you in Sweden!
A square in Sweden on a moderately cloudy day

There are few things that unite all people on the planet, but weather is one of them. That’s why weather is such a common topic of small talk; everyone experiences it, and everyone has an opinion about it. That also makes it a great topic to learn about when you’re studying a new language. Between its potential for conversation and the actual usefulness of reading a weather forecast, you’ll want to study the basics. Here is a quick guide to Swedish weather vocab to prepare you for any traveling in Sweden you might be preparing for.

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The Seasons In Swedish

a season — en årstid

a spring — en vår

a summer — en sommar

an autumn — en höst

a winter — en vinter

a rainy season — en regnperiod

a dry season — en torrperiod

Swedish Weather Vocab

weather — väder

a climate — ett klimat

a degree — en grad

sunlight — solsken

rain — regn

a cloud — ett moln

snow — snö

a wind — en vind

fine — vacker

tropical — tropisk

a storm — en storm

temperate — tempererad

cloudy — molnig

a weather forecast — en väderleksrapport

thunder — åska

a lightning — en blixt

frost — frost

a blizzard — en snöstorm

hail — hagel

drizzle — duggregn

a rainbow — en regnbåge

Swedish Weather Phrases

What is the weather like? — Vad är det för väder?

The sun is shining. — Solen skiner.

The sky is cloudy. — Himlen är molnig.

It stopped raining. — Det har slutat att regna.

It was snowing all day. — Det har snöat hela dagen.

A strong wind is blowing. — Det blåser en mycket stark vind.

Be careful, there is black ice on the sidewalk. — Försiktigt, det är blixthalka på trottoaren.

A thunderstorm is coming. — Ett åskväder är på väg.

Swedish Natural Disaster Vocab

a natural disaster — en naturkatastrof

an earthquake — en jordbävning

a tsunami — en tsunami

a flood — en översvämning

drought — torka

a fire — en eld

a cyclone — en cyklon

a hurricane — en orkan

a tornado — en tornado

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