Famous Last Words: A New Babbel Podcast For English Learners

Brush up on your English-language idioms and laugh about weird slang with Babbel’s new podcast for English learners.
famous last words podcast

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English is a wonderfully weird language, and its complexity poses a daunting task for those who try to learn it. In our newest English-language podcast, Sam and Ted’s Famous Last Words, an American and a Brit discuss the peculiarities of the world’s de facto lingua franca.

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The Concept

Discussing everything from word origins to slang, our hosts give intermediate and advanced (B2 and up) English learners fun and informative insights into the language, coupled with plenty of cheeky banter. Each episode also features a special guest for a conversation about how language relates to various topics, like food, music, sci-fi and even witchcraft.

The Hosts

Sam and Ted’s Famous Last Words is hosted by, you guessed it, Sam and Ted. Sam Dowd, a Brit, and Ted Mentele, an American, are on Babbel’s team of English-language experts. They have the knowledge and the humor to create a show that you’ll find both helpful and entertaining.

The Goal

The intent of this podcast, which is geared toward English learners at level B2 and up, is to do the following:

  • Improve listening skills by inviting users to “sit in” on a conversation between native speakers
  • Introduce new, interesting vocabulary and expressions that can be used in real-life situations
  • Teach a bit about regional differences in vocabulary and accent
  • Foster an interest in language learning with a fun, quirky show that listeners will enjoy

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