Introducing Multilinguish: The New Language Podcast From Babbel

Not multilingual, but language-curious? Explore how language connects us all in Multilinguish, the new podcast from the content team at Babbel.
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Language is the common ground for well, everything. In a time where there’s so much to disagree about, language is something that brings us together — that rare thing that we all share — and there’s so much more to learn about it beyond vocab and grammar. I’m excited to introduce the newest language, culture and linguistics Babbel podcast, Multilinguish, a show that explores all the fascinating, fun and sometimes weird ways language connects us all.

Meet The Pod Cast

Our five-person podcast team has nearly 50 years of language education between us. We’ve each spent the better parts of our lives trying to learn languages, and learn more about languages. As the content team here at Babbel, we’ve written about everything from how to talk about the weather to the most effective learning methods, conducted interviews with linguistic experts, polyglots, celebrities, and so much more. We’ve collected more delightful, thought-provoking content than we could ever use here on Babbel Magazine. So now, we’re sharing this knowledge with you — now, in audio form.

In addition to special guests and experts, you’ll regularly hear from all your favorites here on the magazine, including producers Thomas Moore Devlin, David Doochin, Steph Koyfman, Dylan Lyons, and Jen Jordan (yours truly) as host and executive producer.

What’s It About?

Our most popular episodes of Multilinguish include:

  • We dive deep into language learning in the United States, the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. Are Europeans really better at learning languages?
  • How does it feel to be an expat in a country that doesn’t speak your language? We get the inside scoop about living and working abroad from three Americans who moved to Germany.
  • Does speaking a certain language alter the way you think and perceive the world? In this episode, we debate the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis.
  • We explain why “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” is one of the most insightful linguistics questions of our time. Or not. Up to you.
  • What are the sexiest accents in the U.S. and the world? And why do we find certain accents more attractive? We tackle these crucial questions in our Season 1 finale.

You can see all episode listings and transcripts here for Babbel podcast Multilinguish.

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