How To Talk About Transportation In Dutch

Don’t get lost on your trip to the Netherlands! Learn these Dutch transportation words and phrases before you depart.
bike on the street in Amsterdam

The Netherlands is a popular travel destination for city-goers and countryside wanderers alike. Whether you’re biking along a canal, driving to see the iconic windmills or just looking for one of Amsterdam’s “coffee shops,” you’ll want to know the basic Dutch transportation words and phrases to help you get around. Getting lost in an unfamiliar country is not a good time, so study this Dutch transportation vocabulary before takeoff. Press the play button to hear how each word or phrase is pronounced.

Dutch Transportation Words And Phrases

General Navigation

On the left — links

On the right — rechts

Straight ahead — rechtdoor

I’ve lost my way, could you help me? — Ik ben de weg kwijt, kunt u mij helpen?

Where is the supermarket? — Waar is de supermarkt?


Traveling By Plane

The plane — het vliegtuig

The airport — de luchthaven

The terminal — de terminal

The luggage — de bagage

The hand luggage (carry on) — de handbagage

The flight — de vlucht

The departure — het vertrek

To check in — inchecken

To board — aan boord gaan

To land —landen


Traveling By Train Or Bus

The public transportation — het openbaar vervoer

The bus — de bus

The train — de trein

The subway — de metro

The tram — de tram

The train station — het station

The ticket — het kaartje

The platform — het perron

The stop — de halte

The passenger — de passagier

The inspector — de conducteur (m) / de conductrice (f)

The timetable — de dienstregeling

To catch — halen

To transfer — overstappen

To validate — afstempelen


Traveling By Car Or Bike

The car — de auto

The driver — de bestuurder (m) / de bestuurster (f)

The windshield wipers — de ruitenwisser

The seat belt — de veiligheidsgordel

The key — de sleutel

The driver’s license — het rijbewijs

To drive/ride — rijden

To park — parkeren

To break down — motorpech hebben

The bicycle — de fiets

The cyclist — de fietser (m) / de fietsster (f)

The helmet — de helm

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