How To Talk About The Weather In Dutch

Here are some terms that’ll prepare you for de lente, de zomer, de herfst or de winter!
View of river and boats in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Once you’ve picked the dates for your journey to the Netherlands, you’ll need to decide what to pack. Will you need an umbrella? How many layers will it be suitable to wear? How can you fit your massive snow boots into your tiny carry-on? (Eventually you’ll accept you have to wear them on your flight.) To help you prepare for the forecast, we gathered some basic Dutch weather vocab! By learning these terms, you won’t get caught in a thunderstorm without at least a little warning.

The Seasons In Dutch

the season — het seizoen

the spring — de lente

the summer — de zomer

the autumn — de herfst

the winter — de winter

the rainy season — de regentijd

the dry season — de droogteperiode

Dutch Weather Vocab

the weather — het weer

the climate — het klimaat

the degree — de graad

the sunlight — het zonlicht

the rain — de regen

the cloud — de wolk

the snow — de sneeuw

the wind — de wind

fine — mooi

tropical — tropisch

the storm — de storm

temperate — gematigd

cloudy — bewolkt

the weather forecast — de weersvoorspelling

the thunder — de donder

the lightning — de bliksem

the frost — de vorst

the blizzard — de sneeuwstorm

the hail — de hagel

the drizzle — de motregen

the rainbow — de regenboog

Dutch Weather Phrases

What is the weather like? — Hoe is het weer?

The sun is shining. — De zon schijnt.

The sky is cloudy. — De hemel is bewolkt.

It stopped raining. — Het is gestopt met regenen.

A thunderstorm is coming. — Er komt onweer opzetten.

A strong wind is blowing. — Er waait een harde wind.

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