The Role Of Social Impact At Babbel

How we’re always finding new ways to make an impact on the world.
Babbel Social Impact team represented by a group of people all putting their hands in the center of a circle while standing outside.

At Babbel, we’re not just about business, we’re also about making a difference. The Babbel app itself strives to make a positive social impact in countries around the world, but we believe in going the extra mile. Thus, we have a devoted group of people who make up the Impact Team. This team is the embodiment of our corporate commitment to positive social engagement and sustainability.

When the Impact Team was established in 2021, their mission was to define and crystallize Babbel’s core purpose: “Creating mutual understanding through language.” This purpose serves as a guiding principle that flows through all aspects of our operations, from product development to strategic decision-making. By capturing our mission in this succinct statement, we have created an overarching compass that directs all our choices and actions.

While we’re always looking for new ways to engage with the world, Babbel’s Impact Team has three main initiatives so far to meet their mission.

Amplifying Impact Through NGO Partnerships

By working with social and non-governmental organizations, we dive into a variety of projects aimed at tackling social challenges. We give away free subscriptions to our products, employee volunteer time, and other in-kind donations to disadvantaged groups in our communities. In 2023, we ran more than a dozen social impact projects to help different beneficiaries. Among others, we collaborated with the Syrian Youth Assembly, Le Flambeau Foundation, Connecting Roots and the Spanish Commission for Refugees. We’re not slowing down, though. We are constantly looking for new avenues to explore in collaboration with NGOs and for innovative ways to make a meaningful impact

Reporting On Sustainability

Central to our commitment to sustainability is our dedication to transparency and accountability. We understand the importance of reporting on our sustainability efforts to hold ourselves accountable, to promote sustainable practices, and to inspire others to join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future. You can read our most recent report covering the 2022 fiscal year right here!

Generating Impact Via Engagement (GIVE)

This initiative is focused on enabling and supporting employees to turn their ideas into real projects that have a positive impact. We know that our team members have great potential to make change, therefore the impact team provides resources, guidance and motivation to bring their visions to life. GIVE fosters a spirit of collaboration between different teams, and deepens employees’ commitment to our core values while developing creative solutions to make a positive contribution to our communities. One such initiative involves an in-house team collaborating with Sea-Watch e.V., enhancing their efforts by developing specialized content and granting complimentary access to our platform.

At the heart of our mission as a learning company lies a relentless drive to enhance every facet of our operations. We embrace a collaborative approach to make a meaningful difference which extends both internally and externally. It is our conviction that our long-term success is inherently linked to acting with the best interests of our learners, employees, communities and the planet in mind.

P.S. Don’t forget to spread a little kindness today. It’s contagious! 🌻

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