4 Reasons Why Millions Of People Are Paying To Learn A Language With This App

Over 1,000,000 people have turned to technology to help them learn a language. Why is app-based learning so popular, and what advantages does it hold over more traditional methods?
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In 2007, the language experts at Babbel set out to make language learning easy, effective, and accessible to everyone. Fast-forward eleven years and the four founders have multiplied into over 400 language enthusiasts — among them linguists, teachers, polyglots and content creators — who produce courses for 14 different foreign languages from seven different native languages. That’s ninety-eight combinations of individually tailored courses. So how’s it working out?

The numbers speak for themselves: over 1,000,000 people are paying to learn a language with Babbel, and that number continues to grow daily.

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But why have the Babbel apps proved so popular? Here are our top 4 reasons:

1. The Experts – our linguistic experts tailored courses for English natives

At Babbel, we have a team of over 150 linguists and language experts creating the most efficient courses. They develop every course with your native language — and how people who speak your native language learn best — at the very forefront of their mind. We know you’ve already learned at least one language successfully (your native language) so we build on the grammatical concepts that you’ve already mastered and gently introduce the new ones.

2. The Product – courses that fit into your schedule

Babbel’s bite-sized lessons only take 15-20 minutes to complete. Using the app on your smartphone makes it easy and convenient to fit lessons perfectly into your daily routine, like while you’re commuting for example. You can also choose lessons based on how much time you have. And they’re structured so that spending just 20 minutes per day can lead to fast and effective progress in your new language.

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3. The Method – courses designed to get you speaking as fast as possible

Rather than focusing on abstract grammar and vocabulary, our courses are built around real-life dialogue. Babbel measures success by your ability to have real-life conversations in your new language, whether that’s ordering food and drinks, introducing yourself to a new friend or asking for directions. You’ll practice dialogue that can be applied to real-world scenarios.

After just one lesson, you’ll be able to introduce yourself, talk about where you’re from, how you’re doing, how you got to where you are, and, most importantly, say what you’d like to eat or drink! After just one month, you’ll be able to speak confidently about practical topics around things like shopping, transportation, dining, making friends and socializing – and much more!

4. The Technology – a quality app that’s tailored to you

A Babbel learner’s progress is measured, and the difficult parts of courses are optimized to ensure information is conveyed as effectively as possible. Everything you touch within the courses is adjusted to maximize its effectiveness. Babbel means premium content – made in Germany with quality tech.

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