The Deutschland Test: 5 Reasons Why Babbel Is The Best Language Learning App

The Deutschland Test makes official what more than a million active users already know: Babbel is the best language learning app! Here are 5 reasons why we took the title.
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The Deutschland Test: 5 Reasons Why Babbel Is The Best Language Learning App

The renowned Deutschland Test by the German magazine Focus Money has officially named Babbel the best language learning app. In a systematic review of 92 products for continuing education, the analysis placed our language learning app at the top after comparative rankings and questions about customer satisfaction. We’re proud to be front-runners and an example of an effective way to learn in the 21st century.

What’s behind this result? Here are the 5 reasons why we’re the best language learning app.

1. Our quality is first-class

The Deutschland Test verifies that our language courses offer first-class content. What does that mean concretely? Our courses don’t have any (!) automatically translated content used to quickly duplicate a language course into as many languages as possible. Instead, we have our own in-house team of trained language teachers and specialists.

There’s research behind what we do that has led to our success – for example, native English speakers need extra support with grammar when learning Spanish, while Italian native speakers need more focus on the differences between the two Romance languages.

See the quality for yourself with a free Babbel lesson.

In short, you can learn 14 different languages from a perspective of seven different native languages. That makes 98 different language combinations with outstanding quality, each of which has a variety of relevant lessons. Have fun trying them out!

2. Practice speaking from the very beginning

Imagine that you only learn theory before taking your driving test — without a single driving lesson. That sounds absurd, right? We think so too! It’s important to us that you always have practical experience when learning a language.

Babbel lessons offer you the opportunity to practice your new language in a variety of ways:

  • Index cards
  • Fill-in exercises
  • Puzzles
  • Listening to native speakers
  • Speech recognition, which helps you with correct pronunciation
  • Dialogues
  • The Review Manager

In order for you to learn effectively, our courses are divided into bite-sized units. You can satisfyingly complete a whole lesson on the bus ride home, or while waiting in line at the cinema. And before you know it, that foreign-language film without subtitles isn’t a problem anymore. It really works!


3. Our app is easy to use

We think your time and energy is valuable. That’s why our app is designed to be easy to use — and the sleek, elegant look really helps you learn. Informative hints, helpful assistance and an overview of all the learning content is at your disposal whenever you need it. This intuitive design directs your concentration to what’s important to you: language learning. So you’re just a click or tap away from a successful experience.

In order to keep an eye on your goals, we motivate you with fun ways to learn: swiping, typing, tapping or clicking are all required depending on the trainer type, which helps you practice the new vocabulary in a variety of ways!

To stay flexible, our app is accessible from all your devices: desktop, tablet and smartphone!

Oh, and if you have a question that you’d like to ask us directly, our customer service team is always available via email, chat and phone.

4. More than a million people are already learning with us

We promise you: you’re not alone in your desire to learn a language! In our globalized world, there is actually no reason not to learn a language — au contraire, the benefits are too many to count (but we’ll give it a try).

The top 5 benefits

  • an enriched quality of life
  • authentic travel experiences
  • better career opportunities
  • personal development
  • a healthier brain

More than one million active users worldwide are already benefitting from learning a language with us.

5. We’re driven by innovation

Innovation is the engine that drives us forward in all areas. Our course content is constantly being expanded and updated, while the app itself is continuously being optimized and improved with new features. The Babbel Magazine has comprehensive learning tips, cultural introductions and a few spunky posts where we share our expertise on a regular basis. In addition, we guarantee innovative ways to actually experience language – for example, through unique travel experiences. Welcome to the future!

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