How To Boost Your Spanish Skills With Babbel’s New Podcasts

Babbel’s new expert-made Spanish podcasts make active listening practice insightful and fun.

Using Babbel is a great way to learn a new language on your own terms. That’s why we’re really excited to share two Spanish podcasts made by the same experts who craft our courses.

Listening to native speakers have real-life conversations is an effective way to make the language more intuitive so things click. Our experts designed our podcasts to sharpen your Spanish skills while you are commuting, making dinner, or just having some me time. Dive into linguistic history, learn local lingo, unlock cultural insights, and get some valuable language tips and tricks.

You can now listen to all of Babbel’s podcasts from our app. Yay! Open the Babbel app to get listening.

Ready to start listening? Check out our two new Spanish podcasts now:

A-Zero to A-Hero

Follow Catriona, a Spanish beginner, as she builds her Spanish skills week-by-week. Spanish expert Héctor coaches her on the ins and outs of the language and keeps her motivated to reach her goals. Best suited for beginners, this podcast is a handy way to supplement your learning.

Listen and subscribe to A-Zero to A-Hero on Apple | Spotify

Palabras Bravas

Tailor-made for intermediate to advanced learners, this monolingual podcast takes your Spanish skills to the next level by exploring common mistakes, introducing useful vocabulary, and sharing cultural insights from the Hispanic world.

Listen and subscribe to Palabras Bravas on Apple | Spotify

Questions You Might Have About Our Podcasts

  • How do I use podcasts for language learning? Luckily, there are many ways to utilize podcasts! We really love the potential of podcasts because they’re great for offline learning.
  • Does it cost money to listen to Babbel podcasts? It doesn’t cost anything to listen to our podcasts — they are a free add-on to Babbel and are created by our learning experts for maximum impact.
  • Does Babbel have more podcasts? Yes! We’re currently working on expanding our portfolio of podcasts for you. Check out what we already have here and stay tuned for even more podcasts coming soon!