Babbel7 Day 5: Easy As 1, 2…

Learn how to count, describe things and utilize native expressions with advice from our language experts.
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Babbel7 Day 5: Easy As 1, 2…

Renew your enthusiasm for language learning by joining #Babbel7, our 7-day challenge starting on September 4. It’s guaranteed to get you motivated again in time for fall and connect you with a supportive community of language enthusiasts. Every day, we’re publishing an article with helpful content that will guide your learning for each day’s challenge.

Today’s Challenge

Describe something in the language you’re learning. Break out your camera again, snap a picture of anything you want, and use at least one number, adjective or slang expression to describe it. Need some help? We asked our language experts to share their pro tips on useful adjectives, counting and local slang.

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The perks of completing today’s challenge include:

  • Smoothing the way for future travels by mastering basic numbers
  • Expressing yourself more effectively by learning adjectives
  • Preventing future shopping blunders in other countries (numbers and adjectives are crucial in these scenarios)

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