Babbel7 Day 3: Food, Glorious Food

Eat and drink your way to better cultural understanding.
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Babbel7 Day 3: Food, Glorious Food

Renew your enthusiasm for language learning by joining #Babbel7, our 7-day challenge starting on September 4. It’s guaranteed to get you motivated again in time for fall and connect you with a supportive community of language enthusiasts. Every day, we’re publishing an article with helpful content that will guide your learning for each day’s challenge.

Today’s Challenge

You’re in for a treat after all that studying you did for yesterday’s challenge. Luckily, food is often the most rewarding part of exploring a new culture. Your delicious challenge today is to discover a new favorite food or drink phrase and share it!

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The perks of completing today’s challenge include:

  • Feeling more comfortable with menu items you may encounter on your next food adventure
  • Drinking and eating is fun! It’s important to feel comfortable talking about both in any language you study.
  • Food is an immersive, shared cultural experience that can help you understand the language in a way that vocab drills can’t

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