Introducing Babbel USA’s Very Own YouTube Channel

For the budding polyglot, the curious global citizen, and everyone in between, Babbel’s U.S. content team has some fun (yet informative) videos for you.

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Babbel is a language-learning company, but that doesn’t mean we strictly cater to language students. One of the things we’ve tried to accomplish with Babbel Magazine is to create an inviting space on the internet for anyone who’s a nerd for linguistics, an appreciator of cultures or even just a little bit language-curious. It’s language for real life, and it’s intended to leave you just a little bit smarter (or more fluent, or better prepared for your next bar trivia night).

It’s with this same spirit that we invite you to follow the American editorial team’s explorations on YouTube, where we’ll be producing more great content for you — but with the added storytelling potential that only videos can offer.

What’s It About?

Our new Babbel USA YouTube channel will serve up nerdy linguistics content, practical language tips and all the saucy stuff you really want to know (like how to impress your Tinder date). So far, we’ve dished on what the hygge craze is really all about, whether French people really say “ooh la la,” how words that randomly arise on Twitter can eventually make their way into the dictionary, and what the real difference is between a language and a dialect.

Meet The Babbel YouTube Team

It’s not easy looking this good, but thankfully, we have a talented video team behind the camera (and calling all the production shots). Our creative video savants are Ruben Vilas, Diana Tur and Brian Rosado.

In front of the camera, you’ll encounter various members of the content team, as well as other cameos from our U.S. teammates. Our five-person editorial team alone has a collective breadth of nearly 50 years of language education, and we’re now working on polishing our acting chops to deliver what we know to you in an engaging (and hopefully entertaining) way. In addition to special guests, your regular hosts will include Taylor McIntyre, Ally Zhao, Thomas Moore Devlin, David Doochin, Steph Koyfman, Dylan Lyons and Jen Jordan.


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